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Buy Designer Swimming Costumes for Women Online

Anna Rose is built with a dream of making women all around the world feel confident, sexy and beautiful in their own skin. Our Marbella based swimwear company features a range of bikinis and swimsuits with floral, geometric, and abstract designs for all women.

We aim to celebrate individuality and uniqueness, understanding that women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes. That's why our sizing ranges from S to XXL and comes in a variety of prints and fits. Browse our website to find different styles and sizes that accentuate your best features and personality. 

Plastic Bag in Ocean
Plastic Bag in Ocean

Our fight for change


 Fashion-Forward Designs

Prepare for surprises with our one-of-a-kind designs! Our stylish swimwear strives to blend current trends in the swimwear industry with our own distinctive Anna Rose flair, resulting in truly unique pieces that are unlike anything you've encountered before!

Environmentally friendly 

Our commitment to the planet is stronger than ever. That's why our fabrics consist of 99% recycled ocean plastic, sourced from materials like discarded fishing nets and plastic bottles. Deep-sea divers collect this waste from the ocean floor, which is then transformed into yarns. By choosing our products, you could make a significant difference in protecting marine life.

Set yourself appart

Anna Rose Swim produces small quantities of around 60 pieces per design, per collection. This means that stock is extremely limited and each piece is truly unique in its own way.  One thing is for sure, you won't bump into anyone wearing the same fit on your holiday.

Quality materials

Crafted from premium luxury Italian fabrics, our swimwear ensures longevity, promising durability year after year. Moreover, our bikinis are resistant to chlorine and sunscreen, offering exceptional softness for enduring comfort.

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Find out how our recycled fabrics are made

Deep sea divers recover discarded ocean plastic, such as water bottles and fishing nets.  

Once collected, the waste is analyzed and treated into recycled nylon.

The nylon is then processed into high quality ECONYL® yarn

Fabrics are sent to our manufacturer to make silky soft Anna Rose pieces 

  • Are your bikinis suitable for all body types?
    Yes, our bikinis are designed to flatter all body shapes. A large portion of our sampling process was dedicated to ensuring that our bikinis looked good and more importantly felt amazing on all body types. We are very proud to say that we offer various styles, cuts, and sizes that always ensure the perfect fit. Check out our bikini collection and shop now!
  • Are the bikinis lined?
    All of our bikinis are lined for extra coverage, because our priority is your comfort. This way, you can confidently wear your pieces without worrying about anything accidentally being on display.
  • Can I wear these bikinis for water sports or active beach activities?
    Yes. Our bikinis are designed to be versatile and suitable for various activities, including water sports. However, we do recommend you choose from our one-piece or underwire bikini styles for maximum comfort and support.
  • Will I get enough support for large bust sizes?
    Yes. We have underwire bikinis with adjustable straps providing extra support. Straps get wider as size increases, allowing the straps to sit comfortably on the shoulder without causing any discomfort.
  • Can I wear bikinis in saltwater without any damage?
    Yes. All of our high-quality bikinis are resistant to saltwater, sunscreen and chlorine. We recommend you rinse them with lukewarm water after each use to maintain quality and color
  • How do I wash my swimsuit?
    Your swimsuit can last longer if you follow the right washing technique. After using swimwear, Rinse the swimsuit with cold, fresh water No machine wash with hot water Don’t bleach the swimsuit Air-dry your suit
  • How much do one piece swimsuits cost?
    The cost of one-piece swimsuits can vary depending on various factors, including - Quality Fabric Design Availability
  • What’s the material of the one piece swimwear?
    At Anna Rose, we use eco-friendly fabrics imported directly from Italy. 78% of these fabrics are made up of recycled ocean plastics and other waste. You can also check out the product description for more information.
  • How should I care for my swimwear?
    We recommend following the care instructions mentioned on the product label. Also, follow these instructions: - rinse your swimwear with clean water. avoid prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals or direct sunlight. use a gentle machine wash with mild detergent
  • What is the material of swimwear?
    We use high-quality Italian fabrics. These are made from recycled ocean plastic (fishing nets and plastic bottles) that aims to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Do you do swimwear in plus size?
    At Anna Rose, we provide swimwear options for all body types. Our collection includes - One-piece swimsuits Triangle Bikinis High-waisted bikinis Underwire bikini
  • Are your swimsuits suitable for sensitive skin?
    Yes. Our swimsuits are crafted from high-quality and eco-friendly fabrics and undergo rigorous testing to minimize the risk of irritation. Dial +34 650544352 and request more information on the materials used.
  • When can I expect the delivery once the order is placed?
    At Anna Rose, we always strive for efficient delivery i.e., within 2 - 9 days. However, shipping time largely varies depending on your location. Contact us via web chat, phone number, or email for any queries.

Find our what our customers think... 

"I could honestly live in my bikini, it's so comfortable but also so stylish. I always wear it when I go to beach clubs and get so many compliments"

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 11.08.52.png

Ella Petersen

"I love the style of my bikinis, they are exactly me."

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 11.08.52.png

Harriett Campbell 

"I genuinely love my swimwear, honestly the best i've ever worn, I really mean that. Beautiful creations"

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 11.08.52.png


"I bought the Janelle one piece, I can honestly say its one of the softest, and most comfortable swimsuits i've ever owned"

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 11.08.52.png

Natalie Sunesson

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